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6380 HWY. 190 WEST LIVINGSTON,TX. 77351      PHONE 936-967-5352 

American Legion Post 402 Officers 2017

Commander                                    Felton "Reb" Adkison

1st Vice                                          Preston Mericle

2nd Vice                                         Johnny Rushing

Post Adjutant                                 Todd Maxey

Sgt. At Arms                                   Neil Darby

Post Chaplain                                 Les Albright

Judge Advocate                             John Harvey


Sons of the American Legion Officers 2017

Squadron Leader                             Keith Reynolds

1st Vice                                           Jayme Lumpkin

2nd Vice                                          Jessie Martinez

Secretary/Treasurer                        Steve Oliver

Sgt At Arms                                     Charles C.

Ladies Auxiliary Unit 402 Officers 2017

President                                               Mary Lou Mericle

1st Vice                                                 Lisa Alexander

2nd Vice                                                Deb Spinar

Treasurer/Secretary                              Natasha Beagles

Sgt. At  Arms                                         Frances Flores

Historian                                                Ashton Davis


Legion Riders Post 402 Officers 2017

President                                              Felton "Reb" Adkison

1st Vice                                                Jesse Martinez

Treasurer/Secretary                             Rose Adkison

Sgt. At Arms                                         Todd Maxey

Road Captain                                        Preston Mericle

Road Lieutenant                                   Jayme Lumpkin

Chaplain                                                Robin Maxey




Just gonna throw this out there for all to read... While I was in the Marines I learned what brotherhood was really about. It wasn't about color, it wasn't about your belief system, it wasn't about anything more than having your brother back when they needed you and being able to count on your brother when you needed them. Civilians have absolutely no clue what this means. I have searched for it all over the civilian world, tried to instill it in co-workers of various professions (EMS comes close). But it wasn't until I joined American Legion Post 402 that I found it again. Not only did they accept me and my family as part of their family, not only did they welcome us into the Post, not only have I met an amazing group of people... but tonight, when my bike was almost stolen the acted... They coordinated with my amazing wife Jennifer Petit and got my bike from her to lock it up somewhere safe... and further they have offered me a place to store my bike when I'm gone. I have only been with the post a few months, but it was by far the best decision my wife ever made for me (LOL). And it let me know that there are still brothers out there who know the true meaning. Thank you is not merely enough to express how grateful I am to be part of such an awesome team. I will never be able to repay this debt, but I will always be ready to jump when any one of my brothers call... without hesitation (when I am in the country lol).

Thank you so very much Post 402... I am truly blessed. See you when I get home... and I will be ringing the bell when everyone is there.

US Army Veteran and Police Spouse

Written by: Todd Maxey, U.S. VETERAN and POLICE SPOUSE

I am a United States Veteran. I love my country enough to put my own life in second place and volunteered to stand on the front lines, willing to give up my own life to defend the people of this great nation. To see that we have a better place for our children to grow up in. I was lucky enough to come home. Many soldiers shared a different fate. For those that did come home, things changed. Driving down the road you wait to be ambushed, you look for IEDs on the side of the road.

When you enter a crowded place such as a restaurant you tend to sit somewhere that you can see the entire room. Before the meal starts you already know where every single exit in the building is and have an escape plan in place. Is that person overly dressed? Does he have a concealed weapon? At the end of the day you hope and pray for a good night sleep. Most likely it doesn’t come. You can only hope that the night goes well enough that you don’t either hit or kick your spouse in your sleep. If you are even more lucky, your mind tries to protect you and blocks out the nightmare and you wonder why you woke up with your entire side of the bed soaking wet from sweat. Time to start a new day. I’m home. I’m safe. That life is behind me now. Or is it?

The sad part of this story is that it is true. The even sadder part of this story is that it doesn’t only pertain to me being a soldier. It applies to every single Police officer out there on the street today. They have pledged to give their life just as I did to protect yours. The biggest difference? I knew who the bad guys were.

With a Police Officer, every single day, every single person you meet, you have to be on your toes. Simple traffic stop for speeding? There is no such thing. It’s okay to stop here and get fuel. Guess again. How about a quick stop to grab some food prepared by these loving people that I’m out here to protect? You just might find yourself biting into some glass placed in your food. 

I can walk into many stores and since my driver’s license says “Veteran” on it I can receive a discount on my goods. They then thank me for my service and shake my hand. I normally feel awkward and quietly say “It was my pleasure.” Police Officers don’t receive that same courtesy. Oh, they do offer them some discounts at select locations, as long as they are in uniform, making them a moving target.

Police Officers are chastised and ostracized more than any race or religion in this world. They are expected to hold standards that no normal human being is capable of meeting. Unless you have ever been in a situation where you are being shot at, can actually hear the bullets flying past your head, do not be so bold as to tell me from the comforts of your couch how that Officer should have handled the situation or point out what his flaws were. You only have those rights because of the men and women who put that uniform on every single day and keep you safe as you sit on your laptop surfing Facebook. Looking for that next Media biased article that you know absolutely no facts about, so that you can slam the next Police Officer in line.

I’m am a United States Veteran. I’m no Hero. Thank a Police Officer. They are the true Heroes.